20 November 2013


I always have to look through my journal to see what's happened since I last wrote. The time goes by so quickly!

I finally saw my friend Sister Campbell! She is on the west campus of the MTC, but we got to see each other at choir, and it was awesome! Soon Dakotah Thronton will be here too! I'm so excited, because she'll probably be on the same floor as me, and maybe in my district! Hoorah for Brazil!

Elder L. Tom Perry came to talk to the missionaries at the MTC last Tuesday for our weekly devotional. He talked to us about the importance of companions for missionary work. They are to keep us safe from both physical and spiritual protection. I love my companion, and I am glad I will never have to do this work alone.

Oh ya, you might have seen in some of the pictures that there's something on my's okay, but I fell on it a while ago, and the doctor wants to make sure whatever is wrong with it heals well before I enter the mission field. Hence, I look like  a cripple, but really it's all good.
Making sure it all heals

I took a picture of the Elders in my district in their natural element. Ever since my companion and I told Elders Hirst and
Chipman that they always glare at us, Elder Chipman decided to smile the biggest, cheesiest smile he could, and Elder Hirst went with the cold, hard scowl.

Glaring Elders

Here's the good part! I learned something very cool this week. I learned that the Spirit can work through anyone who is willing to serve the Lord. We had a substitute teacher one night this week, and he had a very...interesting personality. At first, I was just thinking "I am so grateful to have Irma Dangerfield and Irmao Smith as my teachers. I thought it was going to be the longest class yet (and it didn't help that it was the 6:30-9:30pm class...). He was teaching us about the verb "dever" and he told us that it has to do with duty. When he spoke of our duty as missionaries and how to magnify our calling, the room was filled with the Spirit. I feel badly for judging him not so nicely before I got to know what a cool, passionate guy he is. I think the most important thing I learned from him is "the gospel is SIMPLE, so teach it that way." It makes sense, so I'm working on that. The example my district came up with was "Why don't we drink or smoke? We love our bodies."

The other person was a woman named Mary Ellen Edmunds. She likes to describe herself as a "happifier." She gave our Sunday night devotional. She is probably the most funny, spiritual person I have ever met. She can make you laugh harder than you have laughed all week one second and invite the Spirit so strongly the next. 

So, everyone's heard the expression "don't judge a book by its cover," right? Well, that's what I have learned from these two. This is kind of silly. After hearing from the two of them, I thought of this Bon Jovi(still a fan..). It's cool.

"Maybe we're all different, but we're still the same. We've all got the blood of Eden running through our veins...Remember that you're perfect. God makes no mistakes."
 --Bon Jovi "Welcome to Wherever You Are

One of these days, I will perfect the art of organizing and portraying the hilights of my week for your reading...pleasure? but as is characteristic of me, I don't always communicate well. I love you all! Have a great week!

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