11 June 2012

German Culture Time!

So, here's some of what I did in the last two weeks before returning to the U.S.

My Mormons treated me to a little German culture!
 I ate Bratwurst (my last this time around). I never thought I would be able to stomach a sausage, but I ate it all the time here.
 We went to the castle in Altena. I tried on chain mail, had a sword fight, laid in a little tiny bed, and saw a lot more cool stuff, but the pictures are currently missing from my computer...

This is the Koelnerdom, biggest, most famous church in Germany. It's intense. We climbed up to the top of the tower on the right. It was sick and very high up, and beautiful! I saw the largest bell I have ever seen. The picture below makes it look tiny. There were so many people speaking English there, and I couldn't figure out why everyone was ignoring me when I asked them to take our picuture. Then clever little Lea spoke to them in English. As my father so often points out "the simple things in life elude [me]."
The inside was not as impressive as I had expected (some of the smaller churches I saw this summer with my family were much more spectacular), but there's still not really anything to complain about. There are a ton of tiny little chapels on the side for the snobby rich people who decided they needed their own church within the church. Also, common people were not allowed in the Koelnerdom back in the day.

I got a ride in this little bug. There are only five of these uniquely painted vehicles in Germany. They are very proud of it.
Lea also took me to school with her. She goes to school to learn about her career. It's pretty interesting, but I couldn't understand most of the machine vocabulary.

Thank You Familie Langner!


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