22 April 2012

Am tollsten Schwimmbad in der Welt!

My dear Elkse took me to go swimming. I expected your ordinary swim hall with a pool and maybe a hot tub. That is not what I found. It was basically an indoor waterpark and spa. But it wasn't entirely indoor... It was sick!
There was a pirate ship,
 a warm outdoor salt water swimming pool,

 water slides,

crash landings, jumping platforms, and lots of other cool stuff.
 but I think the most fun we had was with my underwater camera.

 I went in the sauna for the first time. Saunas are hot, like really hot.

I don't know what I would do here without this girl. It would just not be the same.

That was pretty sick!



  1. omg, ich LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEBE es! <3 Ohne Elske wäre es auch für mich... furchtbar gewesen!!!! :D

  2. What a blast! And such great photos from your trip with Elske. You should bring her back with you so we can all meet her. She sounds so cool. We miss you here. Keep on postin for us.

  3. Having fun as always.
    Where'd you get those nice muscles girl!?!