30 January 2012

Endlich (Finally)

     I am finally in Germany! Please excuse me if some of my ys are actually zs. I am trying to catch it, but on a German keyboard their places are switched. Why am I typing on a German keyboard? Well, my friends, I forgot my computer cord at home. It was the last thing to be packed (I was working on college stuff before I left), and I never even unplugged it from the wall. That's me being me. Because of my forgetfullness, I don't yet have any pictures to post (my iPod is also being moody and won't connect to the internet.).

     So, here are some travel tips, which are probably just common sense:
          1. ALWAYS send your flight itinerary  to the people who will be picking you up at the airport (even if they don't speak your language), so they can find you if something goes wrong, like maybe you accidentally tell them the time the plane leaves instead of the time it lands...
          2. Try not to be sick when you travel. It's miserable. Luckily, everyone here is already sick, so I don't have to worry about  getting them sick.

Fun fact! Americans are gefärlich (dangerous)! At least, that's the opinion of the man who helped me figure out the pay phone.

     I will tell you about the Hundrieser family when I get some pictures uploaded.


  1. Karynne! <3
    it's Tarren (ur cousin)
    just wanted to let u know that I miss u! a friggin' lot
    anyway i read what u wrote and it sounds so fun. i wish i were there. :P
    anyway i hope u r having a lot of superduper fun times
    i WUV u

  2. Karynne,
    btw i wanted to let u know that im trying to be more like u. u r very inspirational.
    i WUV u very much <3

  3. Oh, thank you. Just make sure you're most like Tarren.
    You rock Cuz!
    i WUV you very much too!!!
    I would make lots of hearts, but I don't know how on this funky keyboard.

    1. haha
      i just wanted to say that i saw ur pictures and they are very beautiful. i kinda wish i was there cuz i think its sort of fun subtract having to speak german (which by what you say seems hard, so keep up the good work) if it were spanish i could probably get by.
      anyway i miss you and hope your having an easier time getting to church.
      we're going to "heart attack" sarah tomorrow its gonna be so much fun
      wish you were here
      <3 <3 <3